Wednesday Zen Moment: To be as cute as this polar bear cub in Berlin

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She was born deaf and blind.

And, she still doesn’t have a name.

But the 3-and-half-month-old polar bear cub is now a healthy — and seemingly happy — growing cub at Berlin’s Tieapark Zoo.

She was born on Dec. 1, 2018 to 9-year-old mother polar bear Tonja and this month has been full of firsts.

This was their first big trip together to the outdoor enclosure.

And the swimming hole.

“As soon as young polar bears are old and strong enough to leave the lair with their mothers, they can instinctively swim,” explains the zoo’s Dr. Florian Sicks.

Mum and cub are getting along just fine.

She’s her spittin’ image.

And mother bear knows just how to take care of her cub.

Just don’t grow up too quickly, little bear.

Visitors can now see mother and daughter roam together at the Berlin Zoo.

The Berlin Zoo is part of an international effort to save and protect polar bears.

The species is already classified as endangered on the “Red List” of the World Conservation Union (IUCN).

Photo @ZooBerlin/Twitter

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