Wednesday Zen Moment: Self-described “horse whisperer” Anne MacGregor under investigation

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A Scottish woman who considers herself a holistic healer of horses is under investigation by the SPCA after claims she had almost two dozen abandoned nags at a farm.

Anne MacGregor, 47, described as a horse whisperer because of her claims she can communicate telepathically to the animals offers services as a healer.

On Tuesday, officers removed 22 horses under her care after attention was raised about her ability to look after them. MacGregor has told clients that she had unseeable powers through her hands to help and heal horses.

The Howe Country Centre released a statement saying it had contacted officials after MacGregor asked them to help provide shelter for 22 horses just before Christmas.

We feel we need to get the facts out in to the open before the story grows arms and legs,” the statement said.

The equesterian centre said MacGregor asked for indoor winter shelter and the horses were placed in the facility on January 4th.

Unfortunately it became apparent within 1 week she was unable to care for them properly. We raised our concerns to Anne who assured us she would find helpers to look after them – these helpers did not appear and so our concerns grew more. Through pressure from ourselves Anne realised she was unable to look after them and contacted the SSPCA who came on to the premises last Thursday and commenced a re-homeing operation.

On Facebook, a user Libby Fairbair called MacGregor a “scam artist”

But others, such as Linda Willan in a post from three years ago said MacGregor had helped her horse.

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