Want to help Australian wildlife by sewing and crafting? Here are some links to patterns

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For months now, charity group Animal Rescue Collective Craft Guild has been providing handcrafted materials to organizations like pouches, wraps and nests made by caring humans. That work is now being done around the world from Canada to the U.S. to Britain and Asia as thousands of crafts people have been making items to donate.

The Australian wildfire  have been devastating to animals. Readers of Critterfiles have asked how to donate items and how to find those patterns. as provided a range of official patterns for these items that can easily be made at home.

They’ve been helpfully collated by craft supplier Spotlight and Lincraft and The Sprucecrafts

The patterns themselves are easy to learn, with simple sewing options as well as complex crochet patterns for more experienced crafters. With a range of patterns for bats, birds, joeys, wallabies and other wildlife, there’s something here for even the least experienced craftmakers – and anything you can contribute helps.

Joey Pouches: These are the items needed most right now in all sizes from XXS to XXL. These are for baby kangaroos who have gotten separated or lost their mothers. It’s a warm space for them to rest that mimics their mother’s pouch. There are additional instructions and pattern pieces you can use over at Piccolo Studio.

Hanging Pouches: Another highly needed item is hanging joey and wallaby pouches. There are day pouches that allow a little room for them to look around while in the pouch, and night pouches that keep them safe and cozy. Printable pattern pieces are also available.

There’s also a need for hanging possum pouches.

3D Hanging Pouches: These 3D hanging pouches are for older joeys who need to be able to jump in and out of the pouches on their own.


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