Very Good Dog: Beagle can tuck herself in under a blanket

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Charlie Rozier has the best beagle.

The lecturer in Medieval European History at Durham University recently posted a video of his beagle named Daisy putting herself to bed.

None of this circle three times before flopping down like ordinary dogs. Daisy has perfected the art of tucking herself in under a blanket.

Rozier’s video has been viewed more than 1 million times in just a couple of days.

Daisy the beagle likes being one hot dog … under a blanket. Charlie Rozier/Twitter

“Daisy puts herself to bed like this at least three or four times a day, and I finally caught it good on camera,” Rozier tweeted. “We never taught her (how could we?) She just does it because she loves being comfy.”

Because this beagle is brilliant.

Beagles really are awesome.

She’s also on Instagram.

Photos Charlie Rozier/Twitter

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