Truck driver rolls into checkstop with two dogs unsecured on the fifth wheel plate

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There are good ways to bring your dog with you to work and then there’s this:

A truck rolled into an inspection station with two dogs laying in front of the fifth wheel plate, unsecured.

The dogs, one appeared to be some kind of lab mix and the other a Husky of some sort, were lying on comfy bedding but by the photo posted by B.C. Transport, they didn’t look like there was anything surrounding them.

Inspectors posted a photo of the truck in Golden, B.C. as it was being inspected.

Unsurprisingly, the driver was issued a violation ticket for another reason. The dogs were ordered placed somewhere safe and the matter was referred to the B.C. SPCA.

This truck rolled into our Golden inspection station with two dogs laying unsecured in front of the fifth wheel plate. CVSE issued the driver a violation ticket for a higher charge, ordered the dogs placed somewhere safe, and referred the matter to @BC_SPCA

. Pets MUST be secured!

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