Toronto Zoo names Blanding’s turtles after championship Toronto Raptors

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The Raptors keep turning heads.

The Toronto Zoo is celebrating the Toronto Raptors’ NBA championship by naming a bale of turtles after the city’s basketball heroes. (Yes, a group of turtles is called a bale.)

“To commemorate the Toronto Raptors World Championship win, we’ve named 37/48 Blanding’s turtles released into the wild today after the 2019 Raptors team members, coaches, owners, superfans,” the zoo posted on social media.

And, the zoo’s thread is everything.

Call it proof slow and steady wins the race.

Especially when they are supremely talented.

The architects are celebrated.

Even the superfans get a nod.

As well as the city’s mayor.

Bravo, Toronto Zoo.

We get it and love it.

And as a footnote to this all-too-true fable, the turtles were released  into the wild as part of an ongoing effort to conserve the endangered species.

On Friday, 48 baby Blanding’s turtles were introduced into a wetland in the city’s Rouge National Urban Park.

“The program which started in 2014 has now officially reintroduced 213 juvenile Blanding’s turtles into the wild in an effort to save the species,” officials said.

Photos Toronto Zoo/Twitter

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