June 5, 2018, No comments

JC the lemur is back. But Stanley the tortoise, and Agnes the baby gibbon monkey, have yet to be found. The trio vanished more than a week ago from the […]

Squee: Baby and mother gorilla play with bubbles at Calgary Zoo

June 2, 2018, No comments

Splish splash: Bubbles are for more than just baths. A baby lowland and her mother at the Calgary Zoo make the most of the rub dub with some soapy bub ...

Thieves break into an Ontario zoo stealing a monkey, lemur and tortoise

May 30, 2018, 2 Comments

Police are on the hunt for kidnappers who stole three animals from a rural Ontario zoo. Suspects cut a hole in a chain link fence at the Elmvale Jungl ...

Baby tree kangaroo takes first steps, but quickly decides pouch is much, much better than world

April 19, 2018, No comments

The world can be a big bad place. Even when it’s warm and welcoming, sometimes it can be all too much. At least, it seemed to be for a little [& ...