September 1, 2017, No comments

This video is tough to watch. Not because a wildebeest appears doomed as a crocodile holds tight to a hind leg. Because the wildebeest family stands by idly watching a buddy […]

South African game farmer uses lion to patrol property at night

June 20, 2017, No comments

A South African farmer has decided the best way to protect his property is via male lion. The farmer, former police officer Tobie Bird said with attac ...

Photo of rhino killed for its horns wins top prize at World Press Photo awards

February 18, 2017, No comments

National Geographic had one of the best critter feature story published last year when reporter Bryan Christie and photojournalist Brent Stirton detai ...

Most trafficked mammal in the world gets global protection from international trade

September 30, 2016, No comments

The most illegally traded mammal in the world received the strongest possible global protection from trade this week after a motion was passed to prot ...