July 20, 2018, No comments

Frida is no ordinary member of the Navy. The search and rescue dog demonstrated her bravery during last year’s devastating earthquakes in Mexico. She is credited with saving a dozen lives […]

After a year in rehab, Banff’s bathroom bears are back in the backcountry

July 19, 2018, No comments

The three tiny black bear cubs were found lodged in a roadside washroom in Banff National Park. Nobody knows how they got there in April, 2017 or what ...

Colony of 40 cats in “crisis” outside Fredericton, New Brunswick

July 9, 2018, No comments

It probably started small. A few random cats. The elderly property owners didn’t think twice about feeding them as they roamed outdoors. Then, m ...

Fire crews rescue exhausted, dehydrated dog on Colorado trail

June 7, 2018, No comments

Big or small, Evergreen Fire Rescue saves them all. In this case one very big, very tired Great Pyrenees after a hike came to a halt in Colorado over ...