December 8, 2017, 1 Comment

An old-fashioned horse wrangler has left a ranch family devastated. Sometime during the night of Dec. 6 someone – or multiple people — drove onto a property in central Alberta along […]

Brazen thieves steal pit bull puppy from owner they met online

October 29, 2017, No comments

Police in British Columbia are warning pet owners about selling animals online. That after a violent attack and robbery of an 8-week-old pit bull pupp ...

Pooches Pilfered: Three Great Danes dognapped in northern Alberta

October 25, 2017, No comments

Who does this? A trio of certified purebred dogs worth about $15,000 were snatched from a home in Cold Lake, Alberta last month. RCMP are only alertin ...

Trigger happy police dog (accidentally) shoots gun

October 1, 2017, No comments

Police dogs are trained in all kinds of tactics. Tracking bad guys. Taking them down. Finding missing people. Sniffing out drugs and bombs. Even searc ...