January 14, 2019, No comments

Thousands of animal lovers have signed a petition and about a hundred people protested this weekend in front of a police station after video appeared of an officer using his […]

Thousands protest in Barcelona after Sota, the dog, is fatally shot by police

December 24, 2018, No comments

A dog who was fatally shot by police after trying to defend its owner, a homeless man under arrest, has sparked large-scale protests in Barcelona with ...

Kangaroo needs rescuing by police after jumping into the ocean

October 29, 2018, No comments

On a place called Safety Beach in Australia, a lone, lost kangaroo got pulled to safety by police. Rosebud police were on hand to give the kangaroo a ...

File Under CHiPs: California police use Doritos to lure pig on the loose

October 16, 2018, No comments

Doritos may be For The Bold, but it turns out, they’re also for one very big pig. Some ingenious officers with the San Bernadino County Sheriff& ...