May 30, 2019, No comments

This llama is on the lam. But police outside Edmonton, don’t know from whom or why. But it’s definitely on the run. “Strathcona County CPO’s got into a chase with […]

VIDEO: Heroic police dog Finn, who took a stab wound for his handler, makes Simon Cowell cry

May 19, 2019, No comments

Police dog Finn who made judges on Britain’s Got Talent Cry with tales of his heroics has had his story shared with millions of people after his ...

Cougar caught up a tree will be set free in British Columbia

April 28, 2019, No comments

Calls about a cat up a tree usually lead to a punch line. But when 911 lines lit up about a cougar in Victoria, British Columbia on Friday, first resp ...

Drug trafficking parrot nabbed in raid not singing for a plea deal

April 25, 2019, No comments

Crack dealers in northern Brazil had been using a well-trained parrot to alert them when police were approaching, authorities said after a police raid ...