July 6, 2018, No comments

Police have a wild job. But rarely is it quite this hairy. “Recently, two of our agents made an unusual encounter at one of their patrols on route 167 in […]

We All Know The Rule: Don’t leave pets in hot cars, yet people keep doing it

July 5, 2018, 1 Comment

A heat wave sweeping across the much of eastern North America putting people and pets in danger. Already, human deaths are being reported in Canada an ...

Wednesday Zen Moment: This little piggy followed a man all the way home

May 23, 2018, No comments

Being followed is unnerving. But imagine the surprise of a man in Ohio who turned around to find a portly pig hot on his heels. You’d call polic ...

Cat Cop: The newest police officer in Troy, Michigan is pawsitively adorable.

May 12, 2018, No comments

This is not your average new recruit. But “Pawfficer Donut” is now reporting for duty at the Troy Police Department in Michigan. And alrea ...