January 1, 2018, No comments

Body cameras capture all kinds of bad guys in action. At the Brockport Police Department in New York, a particularly harried perpetrator was caught in the act of a break […]

Caught on dash cam: California cop chases three bears away from strip mall

November 24, 2017, No comments

Police officers have many duties. Ticketing speeders. Arresting bad guys. Bear whispering. Wait, what? California’s Placer County Sheriff’ ...

Toronto police dog dies after investigating gun tossed into bus

September 4, 2017, No comments

A Toronto police dog who was on the job for seven years died suddenly after taking part in an investigation involving a gun on a bus. Kash, a German s ...

Canine cops have taken over Chicago in police (and pets) fundraiser

September 3, 2017, No comments

Chicago has gone to the dogs. Well, at least for the summer. But better catch them quick. The K9 for Cops public art campaign ends on Labor Day. Creat ...