June 24, 2017, No comments

Even in Alaska, this is not something you see everyday. But Sandra Chandler was among those lucky enough to spot more than a dozen polar bears feasting on the carcass […]

Thursday Throw Down: Cheery view of polar bears according to SeaWorld or grim bleak life according to PETA

April 20, 2017, No comments

Perhaps the truth lies somewhere in between. PETA calls the polar bear in the Grandview Aquarium, a shopping mall, one of the saddest zoos in the worl ...

SeaWorld’s polar bear Szenja dies unexpectedly at age 21, PETA believes she died of a broken heart

April 20, 2017, No comments

Troubled SeaWorld, which has been criticized by animal rights activists for years, has announced that it’s 21-year-old female polar bear has die ...

Amazing Images: Killer whale cruises by Seattle’s Space Needle; Polar Bear “prays” at a cross

April 4, 2017, No comments

Photographers capture the most memorable moments. Take Stu Davidson, who yesterday snapped a beauty in Puget Sound. He managed to snap an Orca with th ...