March 12, 2018, No comments

Animal activists crashed a live broadcast of the famous Crufts Best In Show event to protest what it calls a beauty pageant for canines that are bred to win. Collooney […]

Meatless Monday: The Oscat, the most animal-friendly films of the year, goes to….

March 5, 2018, No comments

The Academy Awards may reward the year’s best films according to Hollywood standards, but how about the movies that best advanced animal rights? ...

Barbra Streisand cloned her beloved dog … twice

February 28, 2018, No comments

Barbra Streisand loved Samantha so much, she never wanted to let her go. In a wide-ranging interview in Variety, the songstress revealed she actually ...

Meatless Monday: Korean dish of squirming octopus raises ire of activists, defended by others

January 8, 2018, No comments

In February, when PETA sent an observer into Toronto restaurants, it wasn’t to get them to dine out but to investigate how live animal dishes ar ...

  • Actor James Cromwell charged after SeaWorld protest
    September 25, 2017, No comments

    There’s James Cromwell the actor. He’s familiar to most for his roles in Babe, The Green Mile and L.A. Confidential. Then there’s James Crowmwell the activists. The self-described “ethical vegan” is concerne ...