January 18, 2018, No comments

One of the world’s top aquariums, the Vancouver Aquarium, has announced it will stop displaying whales and dolphins in its popular exhibit. Just one cetacean still lives in the aquarium. […]

Just a bear going to the drive-thru to eat ice cream for his birthday

January 17, 2018, No comments

It’s Berkley the Bear’s first birthday and to celebrate, he’s taking a trip to get ice cream. His favourite flavour? Peanut butter, ...

Here’s why owls are dying around illegal marijuana farms in California

January 17, 2018, No comments

The anticoagulant rodenticide, a poison aimed at, you guessed it, rats, has long been documented to have negative effects on other wildlife which get ...

What do poor people need? According to Pope Francis, it’s a trip to the circus

January 16, 2018, No comments

Animal rights activists say Pope Francis’ way of giving to the poor, by taking them to a day at the circus, is the wrong approach. Last week, th ...