December 7, 2018, No comments

When there’s a coyote sighting outside, Amina Akhtar posted on Twitter it’s time to put her dog Beanie in her coyote vest. The #coyotevest is now famous after earning Beanie […]

VIDEO: Watch Sully pay his last respects to late president George Bush

December 5, 2018, No comments

The most famous dog in America right now is probably Sully Bush, the service dog of the late president G.W. Bush, who made many people shed a tear whe ...

Fisherman criticized for catching, but not releasing, epic sized marlin

December 4, 2018, No comments

A big big fish was caught on Australia’s Gold Coast and the reaction from people on social media has been less than congratulatory. Many comment ...

Meatless Monday: Activists storm into Brighton steakhouse, blast audio of cows being killed

December 3, 2018, No comments

Direct Action Brighton, an animal activist group, went into a Brazilian steakhouse in Brighton last week and tried to turn people off meat by loudly p ...