October 19, 2018, No comments

On a farm in Weyburn, Saskatchewan, it’s harvest time for resting moose. Farmer Terry Benning filmed the new visitors who arrived in his canola fields earlier this week. h/t: Facebook […]

Wolf takes on wolverine in fight for dinner in Alaska

June 29, 2018, No comments

Sometimes you have to sing for your supper. Or in this case, snort and growl. A remote camera in Alaska’s Denali National Park and Preserve capt ...

Moose plays chicken in traffic after swimming across bay in Newfoundland

June 26, 2018, No comments

You think your morning commute is bad. Check out this moose on Newfoundland’s Salmonier Line early Monday morning. Donna Francis was at home, bu ...

File Under Canada: Twin moose born after mother hit by car in Ontario

May 24, 2018, No comments

This is a happy-sad story. On Wednesday, a moose was spotted injured and immobile in water off the road not for from Rosseau, in Ontario’s cotta ...