June 26, 2017, No comments

Industrial fishing fleets dump nearly 10 million tonnes of good fish back into the ocean every year, according to new research. The study by researchers with Sea Around Us, an […]

Meatless Monday: Beatriz at Dinner makes point about hunting and preservation

June 26, 2017, No comments

One of the most striking scenes in the new movie Beatriz at Dinner is a confrontation between the lead character, played by Salma Hayek and a real est ...

Meatless Monday: Creating human skin to reduce animal testing on skin products

June 5, 2017, No comments

If we humans want to look better, less wrinkly, more youthful, why do we think it’s okay to use animals to test out cosmetic and skincare produc ...

Meatless Monday: Danish lawmakers go vegan for 22 days to raise awareness

May 29, 2017, No comments

Several politicians from Denmark’s Alternativet and Enhedslisten parties gave up meat and animal products for 22 days in a bid to benefit the enviro ...