January 3, 2019, No comments

A man inside his house screaming at a spider and questioning why it won’t die so alarmed a passerby that police were called and surrounded the house. Multiple units were […]

Man befriends crow in the most magical way

November 16, 2018, No comments

This is a fine-feathered tale in three acts. Man befriends crow by showering it with offerings. Mostly, food. My dads been feeding this crow and now h ...

Man who kidnapped meerkat pup from Perth Zoo pleads guilty

November 14, 2018, No comments

A man who stole a meerkat pup that came running to him at Perth Zoo has been fined after pleading guilty to stealing the animal in September. Jesse Ra ...

Man dies seven years after eating a slug on a dare

November 7, 2018, No comments

Sam Ballard was like many typical young men in Sydney, Australia just starting out when one simple act changed his life forever. Ballard liked to sit ...