May 7, 2018, No comments

Skier Jaime Stein was heading down a ski hill when an interested onlooker made him swerve. A mother bear and her cub watched Stein ski past them.   It’s not […]

Man, overrun by peacocks, cuts down tree to get rid of nest, faces $10 K fine

May 3, 2018, No comments

A Surrey, British Columbia man has been battling peacocks who have settled on his front door after dozens of the birds took up residency at his home. ...

Wednesday Zen Moment: Man survives shark attack, bear mauling and a rattlesnake bite

April 25, 2018, 1 Comment

Dylan McWilliams is either the luckiest or the unluckiest guy alive, depending on how you look at the odds he’s survived. Just hours after check ...

Man who ate sushi almost every day hospitalized after 5 foot long tapeworm wriggles out

January 22, 2018, No comments

A California man’s emergency room visit after discovering a tapeworm wriggling out of his body was likely caused by his daily sushi habit, accor ...