October 3, 2018, No comments

Have you heard this one? A horse walked into a bar… Actually, it was a gallop. The joke became a reality in the town of Chantilly, north of Paris, when […]

Horse name Justice sues former owner for neglect in groundbreaking case

August 21, 2018, No comments

In a first of its kind court case, a horse in Oregon that had been surrendered for rescue by his owner, is now suing its alleged abusers in court. In ...

Wednesday Zen Moment: Miniature horse name Leaf lands on roof after Japan floods

July 11, 2018, No comments

Torrential downpours in central and western parts of Japan have forced the evacuation of more than two million people in the area. And the accidental ...

Shetland pony tries to bite Prince Harry during visit to Scotland

February 18, 2018, No comments

You know what they say: Never work with children or animals. Prince Harry found that out recently when a celebrity Shetland Pony tried to nip his hand ...