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In a suburb outside of Mumbia, a river runs through a town that has been so contaminated that some claim that the pollution is responsible for turning canines blue. Stray […]

Do animals freak out during a total solar eclipse? Help scientists find out on Aug. 21

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It’s considered one of nature’s most amazing events. And, when a total solar eclipse passes over the continental United States on Monday f ...

Caturday is purr-fect at Calgary’s Regal Cat Café

August 19, 2017, No comments

Coffee shops featuring kittens have popped up around the globe. But Canada’s latest version of cats and lattes features the adorable as well a ...

Want to create a buzz? Join the Great Canadian Bumble Bee Count

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It’s a call to arms for the humble bumble bee. Friends of the Earth Canada is now in the midst of its second annual Great Canadian Bumble Bee C ...