May 10, 2019, No comments

Gail Hammond, a devoted fan of the German heavy rock band Scorpions, noticed something near her feet when she was washing dishes in her kitchen. She thought it looked like […]

Young stranded dolphin in Florida had plastic bags and balloon fragments in belly

May 4, 2019, No comments

The recent death of a young dolphin found with trash in its stomach highlights the need to reduce single-use plastic and to not release balloons into ...

Woman with sore eyes had four bees living off her tears

April 11, 2019, No comments

A woman clearing off a family member’s grave from weeds had her eyesight saved by doctors who discovered that the cause of her swollen eyes were ...

Pregnant python removed from Florida Everglades after getting tracked by radio transmitters stuck on male pythons

April 9, 2019, No comments

Pythons are an invasive species in the Florida Everglades and have been a pain for conservation officers ever since the snake was introduced into the ...