August 16, 2017, No comments

In 2015, a Bullock’s oriole, which normally lives on the west coast, ended up in chilly eastern Ontario. The little bird was found nearly half dead by a bird lover […]

VIDEO: Rare and beautiful white moose wades through water in Sweden

August 15, 2017, No comments

Hans Nilsson of Eda, Sweden had long hoped to film a white moose. And last Thursday, the local commissioner lucked out when the beautiful, majestic an ...

Headless goat, decapitated chickens found on shoreline by Lake Ontario

August 9, 2017, No comments

Durham Regional Police are looking for witnesses who may have seen something over the weekend that could lead them to uncover who dumped mutilated ani ...

Wednesday Zen Moment: Baby Bald Eaglet who fell out of nest reunites with siblings

July 26, 2017, No comments

Residents who live on the west coast of southern Vancouver Island are used to fierce wind storms that can cause damage to property and landscapes. The ...