August 31, 2018, No comments

When officers at the Rivers Police Service were called to a rural property for an unrelated call Monday, they were’t expecting they would be asked to do an underground extraction. […]

Wednesday Zen Moment: Miniature horse name Leaf lands on roof after Japan floods

July 11, 2018, No comments

Torrential downpours in central and western parts of Japan have forced the evacuation of more than two million people in the area. And the accidental ...

Pepper, lost dog of two seniors, gets his moment of Internet fame

June 27, 2018, No comments

Here’s a lesson in this era of social media influence. A missing dog is found exponentially faster if the right person has the right audience. I ...

Heatwave lures rare Australian tropical fish to New Zealand waters

May 30, 2018, No comments

A rare grouper from Australia was spotted in Queensland grouper was spotted swimming in New Zealand waters more than 3,000 kilometres from its home tu ...