January 2, 2019, No comments

A child who stumbled into an enclosure for rhinoceros at a Florida Zoo was taken to hospital after getting injured following contact with the snout of one of the animals. […]

Cold-stunned turtles fly from New England to warmer climates in Florida

December 18, 2018, No comments

Cold-stunned turtles are being flown from chilly New England to the warmer climates in the south under a new program that transfer. Over the last week ...

Mysterious hairless animal found in Florida dies

November 26, 2018, No comments

We posted a story last week about a sweet critter found shivering under a car in Orlando, Florida. There was confusion about exactly what she was but ...

Mysterious hairless animal found in Florida hiding under a car

November 22, 2018, No comments

A mystery animal found hiding under a car in Orlando, Florida trying to stay warm last week has been identified after days of uncertainty as a hairles ...