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This is a fish tale about luck and superstition and rational thoughts. For years students in the geology department at the University of Saskatchewan visit a special fish just before […]

Man charged with cruelty after pet fish found with 15 holes in its head, but charges later dropped.

April 10, 2019, No comments

A North Carolina man who was evicted from his home last month and abandoned his pet fish, was arrested on animal cruelty charges but a few days later ...

Fish Friday: Fishy tales of what’s actually on the menu as study finds 1 in 3 fish are mislabeled

March 8, 2019, No comments

A new study in Ontario has found 30 per cent of seafood sample collected that were sold to consumers were mislabelled. The mislabelling rate varied be ...

Fish Friday: Gigantic, rare fish washes up in Santa Barbara, California

March 1, 2019, No comments

 A rare fish that has never been seen before in the Northern hemisphere has baffled scientists after it washed up dead on a beach in Santa Barbara, C ...

  • Fish decorate their nests with coloured rocks
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    Cutlip minnows, a species of small fish that inhabit streams, could be described as the master interior decorators of the fish world. Working with collaborators in eastern Ontario, Canada, Andy Bramburger, […]