December 9, 2018, No comments

Only 100 remain in the wild. But this little Scottish wildcat born at the Chester Zoo is doing her part to boost the ranks of the incredibly rare feline — […]

Hundreds of endangered sea turtles perish in discarded fishing nets off Mexico

August 30, 2018, No comments

More than 300 endangered sea turtles were found dead, floating in an illegal fishing net off the coast of Mexico. The Federal Attorney for Environment ...

Incredibly rare right whale spotted off coast of Iceland

July 25, 2018, No comments

In the past three decades, only three North Atlantic right whales have been seen off Iceland. This week, some lucky tourists with Elding Adventure at ...

Female wombats bite their prospective mates on the butt when they’re horny

May 14, 2018, No comments

The secret sex lives of wombats have now been exposed. Female southern hairy-nosed wombats will pace and offer “rump bites” to males when ...