December 31, 2016, No comments

One year from today, the world’s main trading and processing hub for ivory will be completely shut down. China’s State Council announced the details of the ban on the carving […]

Wednesday Zen Moment: Baby elephant takes first steps in the wild

September 7, 2016, No comments

Gawa was only born on Saturday. But here is the elephant, just hours old, taking her first steps and sticking close to mother, Galana, whose survival ...

Meet the dogs that protect elephants, rhinos from poachers in Kenya

June 9, 2016, 3 Comments

Zack is not just man’s best friend, but a BFF to Africa’s most endangered species. The Belgian Malinois is now settling into his new gig ...

Kenya burns world’s largest haul of ivory sending graphic message to poachers

April 30, 2016, No comments

The numbers are stark. So are the images. Some 8,000 elephants killed by poachers to create this, a stockpile of 105 tonnes of ivory, spread over 11 l ...