July 21, 2017, No comments

It was an incredible rescue  — and an even more impressive act of compassion. The Sri Lanka Navy stepped in to save an elephant dubbed “Jumbo” in a dramatic rescue […]

Friday Fun: Elephants run to greet new baby rescued elephant

June 2, 2017, No comments

It’s taken a while for orphaned elephant Dok Geaw to feel comfortable around other elephants. Dok Geaw was orphaned at the age of four months wh ...

Tributes and scorn for big game hunter killed after being crushed by elephant he fatally shot

May 23, 2017, No comments

In news reporting, we call this newsworthy because it’s ironic. A big game hunter who makes his living from being a hunting guide was killed aft ...

Thursday Throw Down: Battling ostriches get fight broken up by elephant

March 9, 2017, No comments

Travel adventurers Bob Scott and his family came across a scene at Tarangire in Tanzania in 2011 when they found two ostriches battling it out. The vi ...

  • Is this the face of an Ivory Smuggling Queen?
    October 9, 2015, No comments

    Anti-poaching investigators have caught what activists are calling the most important ivory traffickers ever arrested, a Chinese national who may have been responsible for millions in illegal ivory. “The Queen […]