March 15, 2019, No comments

Have far would you go to save your pet? Jose Guzman risked his life to save his family’s beloved dog, Gabbana, as their home burned to the ground this week. […]

Melissa Villaseñor adopts puppy from Best Friends Animal Society

March 14, 2019, No comments

Saturday Night Live star Melissa Villaseñor has a new shiny Penny. The comedian announced on social media this week the newest member of her family ...

Wednesday Zen Moment: “Dog” left at shelter turned out to be wolf

March 13, 2019, No comments

Animal shelters commonly find pets left behind by owners when they get too big or too old, but what one shelter wasn’t anticipating was that one ...

“Extreme hoarding” case sees 630 dogs seized in Georgia

March 6, 2019, No comments

Hundreds of dogs have been rescued from an alleged puppy mill in one of the largest hoarding cases in Georgia’s history, according to animal wel ...