January 8, 2019, No comments

The note is heartbreaking. “Please take care of Sky. She is 6 years old and friendly. I couldn’t take care of her, I became homeless and couldn’t feed her. She […]

Ottawa Senators have a new clutch player, a service dog named Rookie

January 5, 2019, No comments

Puppies are taking over the NHL. Meet Rookie, the new service dog in training for the Ottawa Senators. Fans voted for the name and if they have their ...

California becomes first state to require only rescue animals sold in pet stores

January 1, 2019, No comments

Effective today, only rescue dogs, cats and rabbits can be sold in California pet stores. The state’s new legislation, titled AB-485, bans shop ...

Noise-eliminating kennel cuts out scary fireworks for dogs

December 31, 2018, No comments

Ringing in the New Year can the worst time of year for many pets. But along with keeping your pet calm, safely indoors and away from fireworks celebra ...