February 19, 2020, No comments

Exactly how and when it got there isn’t clear, but one thing is certain:  This is one very lucky dog. Mounties and animal welfare workers helped rescue a starving dog […]

Ovie (The Bulldog) officially retires from Washington Capitals game appearances

February 17, 2020, No comments

Ovie is finally hanging up his stick. No no, not that Ovie. Ovie The Bulldog happens to be the other Ovie with the NHL’s Washington Capitals. Ca ...

Dog’s love for astronaut is out of this world

February 17, 2020, No comments

Definitely call this puppy love. After a record-breaking 328 days in space, NASA astronaut Christina Koch returned home last week to an epic reunion w ...

Wednesday Zen Moment: Pockets Warhol paints portrait of husky with “weird eyes”

February 12, 2020, No comments

Animals helping animals is probably the best kind of good Samaritan story. Pockets Warhol is a world famous capuchin monkey who happens to paint memor ...