June 23, 2017, No comments

This is the most amazing 11-second boxing match you will ever see. Wildlife officers in Tennessee captured an incredible video of two bucks duelling. The Tennessee Wildlife Resources Agency  says the […]

Operation Fawn Rescue: Cincinnati police scoop up deer wandering on highway

June 7, 2017, No comments

It’s wasn’t the usual missing persons call for the Cincinnati Police Department. But around noon on Monday, officers Roger Noe and Trish Y ...

Moose on the loose gives snowboarder run of a lifetime in Colorado

March 14, 2017, No comments

A moose bolting down a ski run wowed skiers and snowboarders in Colorado recently. And, Cheri Luther was lucky enough to catch it all on camera. She w ...

Amazing shot from Kansas game warden frees two bucks locked in death duel by their antlers

February 9, 2017, No comments

Kansas game warden Lynn Koch fired a once-in-a-lifetime shot to save the life of two bucks. In December, Koch and fellow warden Brad Hageman, both Kan ...