September 20, 2018, No comments

During fall mating season for elk in the Canadian Rockies, it’s tempting to stop and watch — or capture some images. But it can also be incredibly dangerous. A warden […]

Sailors slam Japan for using dolphins during World Cup event

September 17, 2018, No comments

The Japan Sailing Federation has apologized for entertaining the world’s best sailors with a captive dolphin show. The dolphins were used in the ...

Tangled Tale: Five baby squirrels with entangled tails saved by Wisconsin Humane Society

September 16, 2018, No comments

Five sibling squirrels were not so bright-eyed and bushy-tailed when they were found. The ball of gray squirrels was spotted last week by a “car ...

Cat caught stealing heaps and heaps of laundry

September 13, 2018, No comments

Bella probably thought she was getting away with it. At least, until her human ratted her out as the neighbourhood “cat burglar” with a pe ...