December 14, 2017, No comments

Talk about your lazy watchdogs. It seems pooches hopping on top of sheep field is an entire genre. And much of it is caught on video. This dog even yawns […]

Stolen horses found wandering in a field far from home

December 13, 2017, No comments

It appears some Canadian horse rustlers have headed for the hills. Six horses, which were stolen from a central Alberta farm last week, have now been ...

Rare Bird: Summer Tanager flies a long way from home and lands in Vancouver

December 12, 2017, No comments

This really is a big year for bird fanciers in Vancouver. That’s where a Summer Tanager, which normally is found in Central and South America in ...

Flying squirrel invades Christmas tree creating real-life Christmas Vacation in Canada

December 9, 2017, No comments

Tamara Stimpson has gotten used to the wild presents lovingly delivered by her two rescue cats. “We constantly have live critters brought in thr ...