July 10, 2018, No comments

Is it a cat or is it human? Or is there a tiny little human in every cat? One thing is certain: this cat has a strangely human face. Catsvill […]

Cat plays snitch and rats out buddy for huge mess

March 21, 2018, No comments

This scene is familiar to any pet owner. Well, mostly familiar. Cat owner Robert Dollwet returns home to cat litter strewn all of the floor. His two ...

Serial killer of cats, rabbits, foxes and coyotes slaughtered and tortured at least 400 animals

January 3, 2018, No comments

A rescue organization in London has been claiming for years that there’s a potential animal killer who has tortured and slaughtered hundreds of ...

Cat in a Box: Claws come out after case of beer used as improvised pet carrier

December 29, 2017, No comments

This is what happens when you MacGyver the hell out of an empty case of Bud Light. First, you put your sick cat in an empty box of Bud to […]