April 15, 2019, No comments

Every pet owner knows much much their dog or cat tries to comfort them when they are feeling down. But what if that empathetic pet isn’t actually yours? That’s what […]

Yes, Virginia: Cats can open doors

February 28, 2019, No comments

Here’s proof you don’t need opposable thumbs when you’re a genius escape artist. Cubby is one clever cat who figured out how to get ...

Wednesday Zen Moment: That time a house cat tried to take on a wild jackrabbit

February 20, 2019, No comments

White-tailed jackrabbits are fairly common throughout western North America. The even make the neighbourhoods around downtown Calgary, Alberta home. S ...

Palmerston, official cat of the UK foreign office, sports new collar

February 13, 2019, No comments

When Palmerston trotted out a new look, the world took notice. Palmerston, of course, is the Chief Mouser to the Foreign and Commonwealth Office at Ki ...