August 8, 2019, No comments

Firefighters care just as much about yours pets as they do about you. In recent days and weeks, the Phoenix Fire Department has rescued dogs and cats from dire situations. […]

Gamer Alinity apologizes for throwing a cat over her head and feeding it vodka

July 23, 2019, No comments

The SPCA in Saskatoon is looking into the actions of online gamer Alinity who streams video games to thousands of followers after she was seen on vide ...

Cat with impressive upper body strength does “muscle ups” on door frame

June 16, 2019, No comments

This cat has more monkey bar strength than most of us. Gamer Anthony Wheeler posted this video of his cat essentially doing pull-ups along his closet ...

Guitar Hero: Cat wakes owner up every morning by playing guitar

June 4, 2019, No comments

This is one hep cat. Twitter user Chelsey B. Coombs posted a video of her cat plucking some sharp chords. “My cat wakes me up every morning (and ...

  • Yes, Virginia: Cats can open doors
    February 28, 2019, No comments

    Here’s proof you don’t need opposable thumbs when you’re a genius escape artist. Cubby is one clever cat who figured out how to get out from behind a closed bathroom […]