April 15, 2018, No comments

Everybody thinks their pet is unique. But animals that truly are different sometimes have trouble finding homes. That’s why Tara Kay created the The Odd Cat Sanctuary in 2015. “The mission of […]

Cat plays snitch and rats out buddy for huge mess

March 21, 2018, No comments

This scene is familiar to any pet owner. Well, mostly familiar. Cat owner Robert Dollwet returns home to cat litter strewn all of the floor. His two ...

Nursing home replaces woman’s therapy cat with a robotic version

February 28, 2018, 1 Comment

For the last two years, senior Dawn Douglas, who has dementia, has been living in a care home in Duncan, British Columbia waiting for her cat Snoop to ...

Man arrested over spate of cat killings in Northampton, UK

January 10, 2018, No comments

Last week, we wrote about the so-called Croydon cat killer, also dubbed the MI-5 killer who is believed to have been responsible for as many as 400 d ...