April 17, 2019, No comments

Researchers always knew monkeys were clever. And recently, just how clever. When experts at Canada’s University of Lethbridge found macaque monkeys were swiping items from Balinese tourists in order to […]

Canada close to banning sale and manufacturing of animal tested cosmetics

April 15, 2019, No comments

Canada is set to align itself with the European Union to end the sale of cosmetics that uses animal testing. Last Friday, a bill called the Cruelty-Fr ...

Wednesday Zen Moment: That time a house cat tried to take on a wild jackrabbit

February 20, 2019, No comments

White-tailed jackrabbits are fairly common throughout western North America. The even make the neighbourhoods around downtown Calgary, Alberta home. S ...

Oil sands giant Syncrude fined $2.75-million deaths of great blue herons

January 4, 2019, No comments

Syncrude Canada Ltd. will pay $2.75-million in federal and provincial fines for deaths of 31 great blue herons at one of its oil sands mines. The char ...