January 18, 2020, No comments

Five mountain lions seen together on home surveillance videos is a rare gathering of the solitary big cats. The lions were spotted in California last week, an event dubbed unusual […]

California police on the hunt for a mountain lion sniff out house cat

January 15, 2020, No comments

California is home to mountain lions — and every so often they do run into people. But never quite like this. Police in suburban Pleasanton, whi ...

Llamas deliberately set free from exotic animal farm in CA

January 3, 2020, No comments

Authorities suspect the work of animal rights activists after dozens of llamas were set loose from an animal farm outside of Los Angeles. The exotic a ...

Conservationist attacked by own tigers and seriously injured

December 8, 2019, No comments

A California wildlife conservationist who was attacked by several of her own tigers at a fundraising event has no plans to stop what she is doing, acc ...