November 13, 2018, No comments

The California wildfires has been one of the most devastated cataclysmic fires in recent history with at least 42 people killed. Hundreds of thousands of people have had to flee […]

Tuesday Turtle: California lifeguards rescue sea turtle caught by angler

November 6, 2018, No comments

Lifeguards in California are called to rescue humans usually but in San Clemente, the lifeguards work involved freeing a green sea turtle. A bystander ...

Meatless Monday: California voters cast decision on Prop 12 which will change cage requirements for farm animals

November 5, 2018, No comments

Voters in California will have the chance Tuesday to cast their ballot in favour or opposing an upgrade to the state’s laws related to the confi ...

Fisherman jumps into ocean to save humpback whale tangled in rope

November 2, 2018, No comments

Experts will say nobody should do this unless you’re an expert. But Samuel Synstelien did. He, and fellow commercial eel fisherman, Nicholas Tar ...