November 7, 2019, No comments

As devastating wildfires race across California, people and animals are being displaced, but we can share one bright spot out of so much tragedy. The Ventura County Fire Department scooped […]

Huge dumpster bear rescued by California police

November 7, 2019, No comments

One giant bear recently got into a massive amount of trouble. The bear got rather stuck inside a dumpster in Lake Tahoe, California on Tuesday. But so ...

Dog saved after being dumped roadside in California traffic

November 4, 2019, No comments

A dog is lucky to be alive after police said it was abandoned on the side of the road only to chase after the car as it drove away. The […]

Man sentenced to prison for stealing lemur from California zoo

November 3, 2019, No comments

A teenager has been sentenced to 90-days in a federal prison for stealing a ring-tailed lemur from the Santa Ana Zoo in California in 2018. Aquinas Ka ...