October 22, 2018, No comments

It’s hard to believe this still needs to be said, but people, don’t do this. Don’t give human food to wildlife. And now, the British Columbia Conservation Officer Service has […]

California firefighters rescue three bear cubs trapped in dumpster

October 4, 2018, No comments

Three little bear cubs really couldn’t find a better spot to be saved. Last Saturday night, the bears clamoured into a dumpster looking for a ta ...

Big Surprise: Minnesota firefighters free black bear with giant milk can stuck on head

September 14, 2018, No comments

It could have been bad news for this bear. Instead, first responders in Minnesota used the “jaws of life” to free a 150-pound black bear, ...

File Under Canada: Cop caught on camera with a bear in Northern Quebec

July 6, 2018, No comments

Police have a wild job. But rarely is it quite this hairy. “Recently, two of our agents made an unusual encounter at one of their patrols on rou ...