April 19, 2018, No comments

The world can be a big bad place. Even when it’s warm and welcoming, sometimes it can be all too much. At least, it seemed to be for a little […]

Cat plays snitch and rats out buddy for huge mess

March 21, 2018, No comments

This scene is familiar to any pet owner. Well, mostly familiar. Cat owner Robert Dollwet returns home to cat litter strewn all of the floor. His two ...

Australia Problems: Venomous snake closes streets in Melbourne

February 22, 2018, No comments

Did you hear the one about the snake that tried to cross the road? Well, most of Australia now has. The tiger snake, which is venomous, appeared very ...

Giant (but harmless) spiders join Australian family for breakfast

February 19, 2018, No comments

Those with arachnophobia might want to look away. That’s because Marc Fennell is giving the interwebs new level creepy crawlies. The Australian ...