September 28, 2017, No comments

Ancient DNA extracted from fossil bones and museum specimens has shed new light on the mysterious loss of the Tasmanian tiger from Australia’s mainland. IN a study published Thursday in […]

Horrible human kicks at dog wearing marriage equality bandana in Australia

September 27, 2017, No comments

Mack was minding his own business. He was just running around an off-leash park in Melbourne while wearing a scarf that was pro-same-sex marriage, whi ...

Wild Ride: Koala clings to car axel for 16 kilometres

September 19, 2017, No comments

By all accounts, this was an unusual hitchhiker. Kelli the Koala hopped up into the axle of a parked car in Adelaide, Australia. But when the car sta ...

Meatless Monday: 10 million tonnes of fish dumped back into ocean every year

June 26, 2017, No comments

Industrial fishing fleets dump nearly 10 million tonnes of good fish back into the ocean every year, according to new research. The study by researche ...