December 10, 2018, No comments

Roger was known for his impressive size and strength. The kangaroo stood 2 metres tall (6-foot-7) and weighed 89 kilograms (almost 200 pounds). Roger could crush a bucket like it […]

Fisherman criticized for catching, but not releasing, epic sized marlin

December 4, 2018, No comments

A big big fish was caught on Australia’s Gold Coast and the reaction from people on social media has been less than congratulatory. Many comment ...

Bigger than Knickers, meet Cowboy the big big cow in California

December 1, 2018, No comments

The Internet owed us some good news and it delivered with a kicker about a big cow name Knickers. Then the Internet found us something bigger, a cow n ...

Man dies seven years after eating a slug on a dare

November 7, 2018, No comments

Sam Ballard was like many typical young men in Sydney, Australia just starting out when one simple act changed his life forever. Ballard liked to sit ...

  • Emu on the lam in southwestern Ontario
    August 2, 2018, No comments

    This is not your usual roadside attraction. But an emu was spotted sauntering along a road in Mount Brydges, which is west of London, Ont.  The creatures are normally indigenous […]