April 11, 2017, No comments

Among the victims in the Stockholm attack last Friday was a dog name Iggy. Iggy, a rescue dog from Dublin, was with his owners when a truck mowed down a […]

Not even safe in zoos: hippo, crocodile and rhino killed in vicious attacks in three zoos

March 8, 2017, 1 Comment

There’s a sickening trend happening. Over the last few days, criminals have broken into three zoos in three countries for the gory purpose of ki ...

Stray dogs attack and destroy car in Turkey baffling owner

November 1, 2016, No comments

Turkish mechanic Cem Acar returned to his car in the city of Sakarya surprised to find out his bumper had been torn off and his car mangled. He called ...

Todd Orr escaped getting attacked twice by a grizzly in Montana

October 3, 2016, No comments

This is Todd Orr’s story and it’s a doozy. Look at his bloody face in the video below and remember these words. “Legs are good, eyes ...