September 4, 2018, No comments

For years, in some cases decades, the chimps lived in a research lab. They never knew life outdoors, or without being observed and prodded by scientists. But now, 10 female […]

Animal shelter accused of freezing animals to death

August 16, 2018, No comments

A worker at an animal shelter in southern Indiana has blown the whistle on a practice of freezing injured or sick animals as a form of euthanasia. Bri ...

Jaguar escapes from New Orleans zoo, goes on killing spree of eight other animals

July 15, 2018, No comments

A jaguar that had escaped from its enclosure at the Audubon Zoo in New Orleans then mauled six animals before being sedated will not be put down. Zoo ...

#RallyGoose: Canada goose flies foul during Detroit Tigers game

May 31, 2018, No comments

Comerica Field in Detroit was invaded last night by a marauding goose. The goose was loose mid-game — and during a rain delay — as the Tig ...