December 10, 2019, No comments

Residents at a care home in the UK had a visit this week with exotic critters brought in to introduce humans to the animals. The exotic animals included a boa […]

Alabama grad students suspended after giving hazardous drugs to animals

October 21, 2019, No comments

Two graduate students who reportedly administered drugs to animals in the name of research have been suspended by Auburn University in Alabama after a ...

Welsh town council bans giving away animals as prizes

September 19, 2019, No comments

A town in Wales is banning the gifting of animals as prizes on land owned by the government. Councillors in Caerphilly County Borough in Wales are als ...

Japanese scientists get approval to grow human organs in animals

August 15, 2019, No comments

The science ministry has effectively opened the door to creating human organs for transplant in the bodies of rats and mice. A committee of the Minist ...