January 6, 2020, No comments

Just one month after inking in the phrase Animal Rights as a tattoo, artist Moby has gone one step further. Over the weekend, he showed off on Instagram that the […]

Santa comes early to Cincinnati Zoo gifting light sabres so the force can be with critters

December 24, 2019, No comments

Santa put the Cincinnati Zoo’s newest animals on the nice lift and delivered special gifts early this Christmas. “Lucille the bearcat, red pan ...

Woman barred 20 years ago from owning animals, arrested after raid on Massachusetts property where dozens of animals were found

December 13, 2019, No comments

Police said they began investigating after a report on Monday that multiple animals were allegedly being neglected and that deceased animals had been ...

World’s largest ritual animal slaughter taking place now in Nepal

December 4, 2019, No comments

Every five years in Nepal, thousands of buffalo are killed as part of a sacrifice that has existed for centuries. The bloodshed is held in honour of t ...

  • Large animal mummy unearthed in Egypt
    November 12, 2019, No comments

    Local archaeologists have found the mummy of a large animal in Egypt after an excavation near one of the country’s most famous pyramids. The Ministry of Antiquities announced the discovery […]