August 29, 2019, No comments

You really do see all kinds in the hotel business. But this particular guest wasn’t exactly warmly welcome at one northern Alberta hotel last week. A black bear wandered into […]

RCMP officer rescues owl hit by car in Northern Alberta

July 21, 2019, No comments

Mounties always get their man, and sometimes, their owl. Sergeant Dean Purcka, Detachment Commander of the the Swan Hills RCMP Detachment in northern ...

Did you hear the one about the bear who walked into a Brazilian BBQ?

July 9, 2019, No comments

The smell of BBQ does tend to draw a crowd. It’s just normally not this wild. But a black back sauntered down Main Street Sunday night in the Ro ...

Baby pronghorn saved after mother fatally injured on the Canadian prairies

June 12, 2019, No comments

It was a local rancher who first spotted the badly injured pronghorn. The doe was on the highway just east of Veinerville, in the deep southeast corne ...