Keep Portland weird as famous Oregon llama Caesar rides public transit

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Caesar is Portland’s most famous llama and when the so-called No Drama Llama needed to get across town, he took public transit, of course.

Caesar and his handler Larry McCool had to get to the Oregon Convention Center in Portland to attend Wizard Con. The easiest way for llamas to travel apparently is via the light-rail train known as the Max.

Yes, there was a llama on the train.

Spokesman Tim Becker with TriMet, the operators of the Max, said in a statement to the Oregonian newspaper that even with proper fare, llamas are not permitted to ride the transit.

“While we appreciate that Caeser is promoted as ‘The No Drama Llama,’ and that he apparently was well-behaved during his ride, TriMet policy only allows service animals on TriMet vehicles.”

The Oregon Department of Energy praised Caesar for being environmentally-friendly.

The day after the ride, Caesar returned to the “scene of the crime.”

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