Jeremy Corbyn’s cat El Gato is a little too close to the hearth in 2018 Christmas card greetings

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El Gato, which means cat in Spanish, is curled up in front of the roaring fire at the family’s hearth which is decorated with stockings and tinsel..

Corbyn once expressed concerns that his cat was a Conservative.

In an interview once, Corbyn said his cat, like all felines, are very individual.

[My wife] Laura and I have been discussing his politics for some time. We were concerned about his ­disappointing individualism and lack of concern for others. Basically, we thought he was a bit of a Tory.”

But then El Cato began taking on some socialist tendencies like Corbyn by beginning to let a neighbourhood stray cat share his food from the same dish.

They are beginning to become mates. So I’ve detected a gentler kind of politics coming out of El Gato.”

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