Hundreds of caged cats saved from Chinese slaughterhouse

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A single tip took animal rights activists to an illegal abattoir in China.

That’s where China Animal Protection Power, or CAPP, found 375 cats jammed into wire cages awaiting slaughter.

Humane Society International shared the shocking video of the conditions that cats were being kept in at the Tianjin facility in northeastern China.

“The emaciated cats were crammed tightly in wire cages, but now are being cared for by activists before being placed into shelters and loving homes,” the humane society said. “The slaughterhouse is under police investigation.”

The cats will ill and in the dark.

Some of the hundreds of cats saved by local animal lovers. Humane Society International/Facebook

The video is incredibly upsetting.

But these cats were the lucky ones.


According to Newsweek, a young man who was looking for his missing cat stumbled upon the slaughterhouse. He had suspected his pet was stolen as part of the illegal pet trade.

His discovery prompted the raid on the facility, where activists found the remains of thousands of other cats already killed there, in addition to 24 cages of 375 live — and unwell — animals.

“The first three cages of the cats we saw were heartbreaking,” Huang, a leading member of CAPP, said in a statement, Newsweek reported. “They were cages of misery. The hungry and sick cats cried louder when we approached them, as if asking us to help them.”

The animals are now being cared for and police are investigating.

Photo China Animal Protection Power/Humane Society International/Facebook

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