Huge dumpster bear rescued by California police

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One giant bear recently got into a massive amount of trouble.

The bear got rather stuck inside a dumpster in Lake Tahoe, California on Tuesday.

But some kind cops with the Placer County Sheriff’s Office stepped in for the rescue.

The officers flipped open the lid to give the beefy bear a chance.

“A bear that goes by the name ‘T-Shirt’ got himself stuck in a dumpster in Kings Beach,” police said on social meda. “Luckily for T-Shirt, Deputies Bertoni and Staley were able to help him get out of his predicament.”

T-Shirt is a local bear with “prior run-ins” with deputies. He’s so named because of the white patch of fur on his chest.

And you’ll see in the video, T-Shirt is one very, very large and lumbering bear.

It wasn’t exactly a fast-paced escape.

But T-Shirt is one very good boy, indeed.

Photos Placer County Sheriff’s Office/Twitter

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