January 11, 2019, No comments

A food truck outside a fish processing plant had a big order from a hungry customer. A very large sea lion stood up and wanted to get something to eat. […]

Dozens of distressed birds forced to wear Christmas ornaments found in New Zealand

January 10, 2019, No comments

Pigeons have been found near Wellington, New Zealand wrapped in tinsel and other Christmas decorations and authorities are looking for the people resp ...

Delhi government considers birth control for monkeys

January 10, 2019, No comments

Birth control of monkeys, revising sterilization plans for stray dogs and a unique policy to move cows next to elderly people to co-exist are being re ...

Indigenous elders hold ceremony after dead orca found in B.C. waters

November 20, 2018, No comments

When a dead orca was found beached on the west coast of Vancouver Island, one of the first people notified was the First Nations band who lives on the ...