Sh*t that freaks us out.

June 22, 2017, No comments

This film, featuring two cats wearing boxing gloves and packing a punch, was filmed in Thomas Edison’s studio in 1894. The performance was part of Professor Henry Welton’s “cat circus”, […]

Wednesday Zen Moment: Baby walrus born in SeaWorld Orlando, snuggles with mom

June 14, 2017, No comments

A full moustache is a good sign if you’re a baby walrus. In a rare birth in captivity, a female walrus at SeaWorld Orlando has given birth to a ...

Baby opossum gets severe bone deformity after being loved to death by human

June 9, 2017, No comments

Humans with the best intentions can actually sometimes do more harm to critters with their intervention. In Connecticut, a young Virigina Oppossum was ...

Bison baby boom in Banff

June 7, 2017, No comments

Ten bouncing baby bison have been born in the Alberta Rockies. It’s part of a precedent-setting project to reintroduce the species in Banff Nati ...