Sh*t that freaks us out.

July 16, 2018, No comments

Want to shop till you drop? Amazon can’t help. The massive online retailer ran into big problems on its much-heralded Prime Days. Shoppers hoping to click 1 to buy now […]

Yes, that’s a porcupine walking on hind legs down the road. Nope it’s not

July 14, 2018, No comments

A porcupine walks on its hind legs along Haines Road near Million Dollar Falls. What the what? That simple statement from the Yukon News Facebook has ...

Singing dog Oscar dazzles Simon Cowell at America’s Got Talent

July 11, 2018, No comments

Simon Cowell may have finally found his unicorn. The America’s Got Talent critic has said in the past that he’s on the search for a dog wh ...

Wednesday Zen Moment: Miniature horse name Leaf lands on roof after Japan floods

July 11, 2018, No comments

Torrential downpours in central and western parts of Japan have forced the evacuation of more than two million people in the area. And the accidental ...