This is where the fur flies.

March 8, 2020, No comments

A pet dog belonging to a woman with COVID-19 has contracted a “low-level infection” from its owner, according to news reports from Hong Kong. The test came back “weak positive” […]

Elizabeth Warren may be out, but her dog, Bailey, wins by a burrito

March 6, 2020, No comments

Elizabeth Warren ended her campaign for the 2020 Democratic presidential nomination on Thursday, but the Massachusetts Senator is still making headlin ...

Get a new towel. Vets in Australia remove an entire towel swallowed by snake

March 4, 2020, No comments

An 18-year-old jungle carpet python named Monty was taken to an animal hospital in Sydney last week after her owner believed she had eaten an entire t ...

Woman pets moose, almost gets trampled in Colorado

March 4, 2020, No comments

It’s incredible this needs to be repeated, but here we are. Specifically in Colorado, where the state’s Parks and Wildlife office has shar ...