This is where the fur flies.

October 17, 2017, No comments

A van from the Czech Republic was stopped by police in Amberg, Bavaria over the weekend and found to contain over 7,000 animals, many of them already dead because they […]

Meatless Monday: Indian animal rights activists allegedly attacked for trying to stop cattle slaughterhouse

October 16, 2017, No comments

Animal rights activists, including a 45-year-old woman software engineer, were allegedly assaulted by a mob  in India this weekend as they tried to t ...

Octopus scanner suggested for Red Wings games to stop tradition of tossing octopus on ice

October 12, 2017, No comments

It’s a baffling, and what animal rights activists called, cruel, tradition that has gone back decades in Detroit. At Red Wings games, diehard fa ...

Meatless Monday: Canadian Thanksgiving prompts PETA to pit kids against their parents

October 9, 2017, No comments

It’s Canadian Thanksgiving and PETA wants kids to tell their parents turkey is not an option. In new billboards set up near Winnipeg elementary ...