This is where the fur flies.

July 17, 2018, No comments

Phil Morley recently stopped to take the most daring video. He paused to record a mother skunk and her seven kits crossing a residential road in Calgary, Alberta. Then, he posted […]

Amazon Prime Day website crashes but here look at pictures of sad dogs

July 16, 2018, No comments

Want to shop till you drop? Amazon can’t help. The massive online retailer ran into big problems on its much-heralded Prime Days. Shoppers hopin ...

Jaguar escapes from New Orleans zoo, goes on killing spree of eight other animals

July 15, 2018, No comments

A jaguar that had escaped from its enclosure at the Audubon Zoo in New Orleans then mauled six animals before being sedated will not be put down. Zoo ...

How much truck could a woodchuck chuck if a woodchuck could chuck Paul Ryan’s truck

July 14, 2018, No comments

Republican House Speaker Paul Ryan has lost his truck after he claims it was eaten by woodchucks while in storage this past winter. During a speech in ...

  • Goose waddles by to catch World Cup game
    July 12, 2018, No comments

    Football really is the world’s favourite sporting event drawing a diverse audience. Some fans are pretty wild. Twitter user @notDcfcBoss posted a snap of a goose taking an, er, gander […]