This is where the fur flies.

January 15, 2020, No comments

California is home to mountain lions — and every so often they do run into people. But never quite like this. Police in suburban Pleasanton, which is about halfway between […]

Two teens who videotaped themselves allegedly abusing a deer charged with animal cruelty

January 13, 2020, No comments

Two teens who were shown ripping off the deer’s antlers after they shot it, kicking its face and stepping on its legs while it was still alive ...

Chicago hasn’t had any reports of coyote attacks in 30 years, this week, there were two in one night

January 10, 2020, No comments

Animal officials in Chicago have begun investigating after the city had two coyote incidents in one night Wednesday, an extremely rare situation for a ...

Meatless Monday: Moby’s bold tattoos promoting animal rights grabs attention

January 6, 2020, No comments

Just one month after inking in the phrase Animal Rights as a tattoo, artist Moby has gone one step further. Over the weekend, he showed off on Instagr ...