This is where the fur flies.

May 23, 2018, No comments

The circle of life when predator and prey encounter each other and then more prey, more predators descend is a natural cycle. But it’s not very often it all gets […]

Wednesday Zen Moment: This little piggy followed a man all the way home

May 23, 2018, No comments

Being followed is unnerving. But imagine the surprise of a man in Ohio who turned around to find a portly pig hot on his heels. You’d call polic ...

Cougar that stalked and killed mountain biker was extremely emaciated

May 22, 2018, No comments

A mountain biker who was attacked and killed by a cougar while a friend escaped with severe injuries were doing exactly what they should have done in ...

Incredible encounter between two wild, wailing lynx caught on video

May 21, 2018, No comments

Ed Trist is used to seeing wildlife around his remote, northern Ontario home. But not quite like this. A few days ago, Trist and his girlfriend, Nicol ...