Lost. Found. Rescued.

March 23, 2018, No comments

Throwing caution to the wind, Raelene Prieb is truly an everyday hero. The Melville, Saskatchewan woman just thought she was helping a creature in distress when she spotted a porcupine […]

Baby deer stranded on ice rescued in Finland

March 21, 2018, No comments

This is truly Bambi on Ice. The Finnish Border Guard saved a fawn that was struggling on the ice on the Inkoo archipelago in southern Finland. They s ...

The science behind why we see a human face in Yogi the dog

March 19, 2018, No comments

A photo of a Shih-Tzu-poodle mix name Yogi has sent the Internet into a tizzy with the canine’s resemblance to a human face. Yogi’s pic fi ...

Garden bird feeders increases risk of disease, new study shows

March 13, 2018, No comments

Garden bird feeders put wild birds at risk of serious diseases, according to a new collaborative study done in the United Kingdom. The research analyz ...