We love them. They love us. They love each other.

July 11, 2018, No comments

Simon Cowell may have finally found his unicorn. The America’s Got Talent critic has said in the past that he’s on the search for a dog who can sing. I’m […]

Wednesday Zen Moment: Cat climbs atop expert during TV interview

July 11, 2018, No comments

Dr. Jerzy Targalski has got to be the coolest cat around. The Polish academic was making an appearance on the Dutch current affairs program Nieuwsuur ...

How zoos around the world keep animals cool during heatwaves

July 5, 2018, No comments

It’s sweltering in many places around the world. In Canada, there has been deaths and as Critterfiles reported earlier, dogs are being pulled fr ...

Wednesday Zen Moment: Penguins walking flipper-and-flipper on the beach

July 4, 2018, No comments

Penguin love is the best love of all. As evidenced by this, two penguins just going for a stroll on a South African beach. Love birds, indeed. my aunt ...