Critters (allegedly or actually) abused by jackholes.

December 5, 2019, No comments

It’s taken two and a half months since the impeachment hearings first began on Sept 17 and on Wednesday, the first animal reference was made. The Republican’s legal expert in […]

Petitions surging to stop former NFL quarterback Michael Vick from being Pro Bowl captain

December 2, 2019, No comments

Animal rights activists are slamming the NFL for naming Michael Vick, convicted for his role in a dogfighting ring, as a captain for its upcoming Pro ...

Passenger dog taken to safety after Manitoba RCMP pull over a suspected drunk driver

November 27, 2019, No comments

We all know drunk driving kills. Yet some people still get behind the wheel while impaired by alcohol or drugs. Earlier this week, RCMP in Manitoba ma ...

Fat cat memes explodes in Russia after Aeroflot strips passenger of airmiles

November 17, 2019, No comments

Russian cat lovers have their claws out for Aeroflot after the airline refused to accept as cabin baggage a cat it said was overweight — and then la ...