Critters (allegedly or actually) abused by jackholes.

July 23, 2019, No comments

The SPCA in Saskatoon is looking into the actions of online gamer Alinity who streams video games to thousands of followers after she was seen on video tossing a cat […]

Two escaped inmates recaptured after they stopped to visit with a Great Dane out for a walk with his owner, a cop

July 11, 2019, No comments

A convicted murderer and violent robber who escaped from a Vancouver Island prison were recaptured after they stopped on the street and admired a Grea ...

Wednesday Zen Moment: Belladonna Winterspell, rare black swan, stolen from sanctuary

June 19, 2019, No comments

A rare black swan who had found her forever home in an Oregon sanctuary has gone missing after the owner says someone snuck on to her property and sto ...

Tuesday Tortoise: Woman allegedly says she killed zoo turtle to draw attention to herself

June 18, 2019, No comments

A woman who allegedly hit a Greek tortoise at the Budapest Zoo and Botanical Garden with a stone that resulted in killing the animal made an appearanc ...