Critters (allegedly or actually) abused by jackholes.

August 13, 2018, No comments

Sorry, sorry. For the g-rated critterfiles readers out there. But hunting for sport really bothers us. Donald Trump Jr. coming to Canada with security detail paid for by U.S. taxpayers […]

Suspect in stolen car run from police, then the cows got involved

August 9, 2018, No comments

Police in Florida got some assistance  after a suspect in a stolen car ran into a field and was corralled by a herd of cows. The incident which occur ...

Mourning orca mom carries dead whale child on her forehead as pod starves from lack of salmon

August 1, 2018, No comments

The death rate for killer whales in the Pacific Northwest is increasing as their food source, the Chinook salmon, disappears. The most recent death, t ...

Colombian drug cartels puts $7,000 bounty on drug-sniffing dog Sombra

July 28, 2018, No comments

Please please please let Narcos Season 5 be about Sombra the drug-sniffing dog that has put away hundreds of drug dealers. The six-year-old German she ...