Critters (allegedly or actually) abused by jackholes.

April 20, 2018, No comments

Suspected poachers ambushed and killed five park rangers, their driver, and wounded a sixth worker in the worst-ever attack in Virunga national park in the violent country of Democratic Republic […]

Police dog name Dave catches fleeing suspect

April 19, 2018, No comments

In Chilliwack, British Columbia, Dave the dog can be counted on to, as the Mounties motto use to be, always get his man. Last week, police were nearby ...

Seagulls + pepperoni = lifetime hotel ban but guest gets forgiveness

April 9, 2018, No comments

This is a story about pepperoni, seagulls, one of the world’s premiere hotels and ultimately, a tale of forgiveness. It’s about how one ma ...

Vulturess dying en masse in India after getting poisoned

April 3, 2018, No comments

Vultures are not the most lovable of birds. Say the word robin and people think of spring. Say hummingbirds and the immediate image is small and fast. ...