Bear removes hot tub cover to take a quick dip in Revelstoke, B.C.

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Revelstoke is a British Columbia mountain town where people tend to play hard.

And then, like to relax.

It turns out, so do the bears there.

Take this bear for example, which recently helped itself to a soak in a local’s hot tub.

“Hot tub poachers are the worst,” Revelstoke Pool and Spa noted in an eye-opening Facebook post. “Need chemicals for your stinky buddies?

The bear took the time to flip the lid.

Bear-y clever. Revelstoke Pool and Spa/Facebook

Shoot the homeowner an incredulous glance.

You looking at me? Revelstoke Pool and Spa/Facebook

And hop on in for a soak.

One hairy big deal. Revelstoke Pool and Spa/Facebook

And like many an unwanted houseguest, neglect to replace the lid before leaving a trail of soggy footprints behind.

Watch out. The deck can be slippery. Revelstoke Pool and Spa/Facebook

Definitely, peak Canadian ski town.

Photos Revelstoke Pool and Spa/Facebook

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