July 16, 2019, No comments

It’s just halfway through the annual nesting season for sea turtles in the SE coast of the U.S., but it’s looking to be a banner year with record numbers. By […]

Meatless Monday: China building giant solar farm shaped like a ….panda

July 15, 2019, No comments

For maxim efficiency, solar farms are designed to align the panels in rows and column. The idea is that forming a grid will increase the arrays. But w ...

Two escaped inmates recaptured after they stopped to visit with a Great Dane out for a walk with his owner, a cop

July 11, 2019, No comments

A convicted murderer and violent robber who escaped from a Vancouver Island prison were recaptured after they stopped on the street and admired a Grea ...

Wednesday Zen Moment: Shelter dog clings to journalist covering story

July 10, 2019, No comments

Spoiler alert: There’s a happy ending for both the journalist and the dog. A reporter was covering a story at a shelter when this hound mix got ...