March 18, 2019, No comments

Meet Armando, the world’s first pigeon valued at one million pounds. At an auction over the weekend, Armando was the subject of a bidding war between Chinese enthusiasts. The racing […]

April the Giraffe gives birth livestream again as thousands watch on Youtube

March 17, 2019, No comments

April the giraffe who became a Youtube star as millions followed her pregnancy on livecam gave birth again on Saturday to another enthralled online au ...

World’s only tool-using vulture, the Egyptian vulture, at risk of disappearing

March 14, 2019, No comments

It’s been said that vultures aren’t the prettiest of birds. Their food choices, feeding off carcasses, give them a bad reputation and let& ...

Wednesday Zen Moment: “Dog” left at shelter turned out to be wolf

March 13, 2019, No comments

Animal shelters commonly find pets left behind by owners when they get too big or too old, but what one shelter wasn’t anticipating was that one ...